Vodka Infused
Ice Tea
Combining Kombucha, widely known for its health benefits, with steeped black and green tea, raw cane sugar, triple distilled premium vodka, and all natural flavours, Zen Kombucha is a low calorie all natural alternative Ice Tea Alcoholic beverage.

Life can be Chaotic, Take time to find your Zen.
Organic Ingredients!
the Elixir of Life

Using only the finest organic, locally sourced ingredients, Zen Kombucha has transported this magical infusion into a new realm of Vodka Ice Tea beverages.
We set out to create an all natural, organic, gluten-free drink, focused toward the health-conscious consumer.

Lemon Lavender

As delicious as it sounds, we infused our Kombucha Vodka Ice Tea with refreshing flavours of all natural organic lemon juice and the fragrant aroma of steeped Lavender.

Pear Ginger

Sit back and enjoy our latest creation which features the essence of organic pear and a gentle kick of ginger.